Who are the mentees and mentors?

Mentors and mentees are both students who are active participants in at least one Hackground Program.

What’s in it for the mentees?

The mentees build a relationship with someone older who can help guide them. Whether it’s receiving guidance on applications to colleges or learning Scratch, the mentees will certainly learn and build a meaningful relationship!

What’s in it for the mentors?

The mentors are also building a meaningful relationship with someone younger than them, while getting better at teaching and encouraging young people to join a STEM field! Not to mention it looks quite good on a resume…

How do I get involved with Hackbuds?

Filling out the form on the “Sign Up” tab will get the ball rolling!

Is there a cost to being involved in Hackbuds?

There is not any cost associated with Hackbuds since participants are active members of a Hackground Program.

I have someone in mind for my own mentor/mentee, can we pick our own?

Absolutely! On the form there is an area to put down someone you would like as your mentor/mentee.

I don’t have anyone in mind, and I’m pretty new to the group. Will I still be matched up?

Yes – the mentorship program is not only to create ongoing meaningful relationships but also to introduce new people!

How much of a time commitment is the Hackbuds?

Everyone has different schedules and goals when it comes to the mentorship program. We encourage mentors and mentees to get together for at least once a month, although the more the better!

How many years have to be between the mentor and mentee?

Anywhere between 1 and 4 years as a rule of thumb. There can be exceptions made, of course.

Can Hackground Program mentors participate in Hackbuds?

Yes, although this is to be assessed on a case by case basis due to liability/legal concerns.

What does the timeline look like for Hackbuds?

While mentor/mentee applications can be entered any time, Hackbuds introductory lunch is held in the fall after the start of a school year. Having your application sent in before August 31st, 2018 will allow for the best match possible for everyone and ensure you get involved in all of the activities! If you apply after the deadline you may not have a match until one becomes available.

How does Hackground facilitate the mentorship program?

Hackground creates the infrastructure necessary to match mentors and mentees of similar interests/backgrounds. Beyond matching, Hackground hosts Hackbuds nights where mentees and mentors meet up and do an activity together! Hackground will also host a introductory lunch for the mentors and mentees after being all matched up at the beginning of the school year, in addition to other events should there be enough interest. Beyond the Hackground hosted events, Hackbuds are encouraged to meet up on their own time at least once a month. While this is not required, it allows the individuals the flexibility to accommodate everyone’s busy schedules and pursue activities that are of interest to the individuals although Hackground is not liable for any any social gathering that is not Hackground sponsored.