COVID - 19

Foot Sanitizer Pump
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3D Printing

When the Pandemic hit the United States and their robotics season went into a full suspended mode, mentors and students looked at way to support the community.  Our first response was sending 3D printed frames to a local Maker space who had put out a call for crowd sourcing some prints. When the local community found out about our ability to print they started asking us if we could make full out shields for them and we quickly switched to making full face shields as well as ear savers for the Health Care Workers

Isolation Booth

This isolation booth was designed and conceptualized by the High school students of FIRST Robotics Team 5945 the Absolute Control.  The idea for the concept is to use parts available through local Home Depots or  Lowes  or similar stores and construct these DIY isolation booths either for COVID testing or local restaurants to have Curbside delivery

Intubation Chamber

Problem Statement: Intubating infected patients can be especially dangerous when the disease carried is airborne or by water droplets, namely the Covid-19.  The challenge is to design and build a clear guard that can be rapidly implemented to prevent direct contact with any liquid particles from the patient during the intubation procedure

PVC Pipe based Intubation Chamber

We re-designed this chamber based on recommendations and feedbacks from ER Doctors and other Health Care Professionals

Foot pump hand sanitizer dispenser

App Development

Online Menu for the local Coffee shop using Google Spread sheet and Glide App which could be easily depolyed and shop owner with limited technical skills can up daily specials frequently without professional support

Our students are currently working on a website to bring together local farmers and organizations trying to cook and feed the HCW. Stay tunes to hear about it when the app goes live.

Inspirational Cards

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